Nova Scotia – East Coast

Nova Scotia - East Coast

Our location:
Our Nova Scotia location our full range of programming that includes: home birthday party packages, summer camps, school shows, specialized programing, daycares and corporate events.
  • We are fully insured
  • All necessary permits and inspections from the Department of Natural Resources have been obtained and completed
  • We are the largest reptile rescue in Canada, assisting the SPCA and the Hope for Wildlife Society in rescuing and placing unwanted pet reptiles across the country
  • We are regularly vet-inspected
  • Please note Little Rays Reptile Zoo Nova Scotia programs are contracted out to Blue Nose Reptiles. Blue Nose Reptiles is not CAZA accredited or inspected. Lisa and Dave Janes Operate Blue Nose reptiles and meet the highest standards. Lisa is a Registered Veterinary Technician and is PIJAC certified as a Reptile Specialist and works very closely with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources as well as with local animal welfare organizations. Lisa holds all of the required permits and licenses to keep exotic animals and care for them. Lisa and Dave continue their efforts to support animal rescue and welfare in the province.
How to reach us:
  • Phone: (902) 253-2097
  • Email:
A bit about us:
100_C0236_LRRWe are Lisa and David Janes. We have grown our hobby into a business that provides both entertaining and educational reptile presentations all over Nova Scotia. We are both founding members of The Safe Haven Society for Reptiles and Amphibians, the largest reptile society in the Maritimes. Between the two of us we have almost 20 years experience in the care, husbandry and education of reptiles and amphibians. Lisa is a Registered Veterinary Technician and is PIJAC certified as a Reptile Specialist.
We recently joined up with Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in Ottawa, Ontario to open a franchise here in Nova Scotia.
We take a great deal of pride in delivering one of the most dynamic and interactive shows you’ll experience – regardless of age. Our passion for ecological preservation and zoology, coupled with our experienced and engaging keepers will make for an event you won’t soon forget. Our reptile shows span birthday parties, grade school and high school shows, roadshows – like fairs and museum exhibits, as well as corporate events and parties.
A staple of our business is promoting wildlife conservation, environmental awareness, and education about the animals we share the planet with. We offer presentations and hands on experiences with a variety of different reptiles that range in size from small to large. We consider it an honour and a privilege to share our knowledge with people of all ages in hopes of bringing a better understanding of these often misunderstood animals to Nova Scotians.
Our reptile family has been growing for many years now. Some of our reptiles have came from homes that could no longer care for them, while others came from rescue situations. Other animals have come to stay with us from Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in Ottawa.